Eva Teneva-Zaikoff

In 1998 Eva completed Professor G. Simeonov’s course in specialty Print making at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. She also studied drawing under Professor Alexander Stanev – Soma. As a student she is featured in a lot of exhibitions – nude, drawings and printmaking. Fashion is another favorite theme – Eva Teneva-Zaikoff has her own collection of appearances as part of Forum Bulgarian Fashion’s catwalks. She is also interested in social causes and experiments while implementing them into her art. She worked with performance and installation. In contemporary art Eva Teneva-Zaikoff has started with the Exhibition of youth artists with curator Stefania Yanakieva – in the Union of Bulgarian Artists of which she has been a member since 2000. Other key projects are – Sofia Underground, Apolonia Sozopol, Sofia City Art Gallery – presenting the book The Impressionists translated by Eva Teneva; Mass Art (Mass is also a table in Bulgarian) – Section 13 of the UBA; Biannual for Contemporary Art in Egypt with curator for Bulgaria Ruen Ruenov – Underground project; installation in Trigrad Sluntse-Luna Fest; Uncensored – one man show.

Photography is always part of Eva Teneva-Zaikoff’s pieces of art and especially when working in advertising. She worked as an Art Director for over 20 years for clients like Nokia, HBO, Cinemax, BAT, Glaxo Smith Kline, Unicredit Bulbank, First Investment Bank etc. With her colleagues she created extraordinary ads, events and designs.

For the last 20 years Eva Teneva-Zaikoff has trained students in drawing, painting, design, photography and other visual arts – all skills for the future Artists. All of them are now very good in their fields. Eva Teneva-Zaikoff made a lot of workshops for children and adults – drawing with sand, seeds and other unusual materials.

In 2019, at a Coffee Fest Eva Teneva-Zaikoff made portraits with the ground up coffee. As this generated a lot of interest, she decided to make this Promo Exhibition Scratch Art the first of her Fifty-Fifty project.

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