Art Gallery Serdica is focus on contemporary art, presenting both Bulgarian and foreign, established artists, as well as young emerging artists who touch on various present-day topics. Founded in 2014, Art Gallery Serdica is located in the renovated area of Zhenski Pazar Market.

Along the way of its development over the years, Art Gallery Serdica has gathered people with different artistic interests and has won recognition as a cultural space in the center of Old Sofia. It has developed in two directions – a contemporary art gallery and a cultural space for events, conferences and debates. Current cultural topics are being considered through the prism of art, while through the events and conferences is being created an opportunity for cooperation and connection between various social groups. The Gallery supports cultural projects that contribute towards the development of the potential and specificity of the location.

Art Gallery Serdica is owned by the municipal company Pazari Vazrazhdane Ltd.

Any changes in the conditions for holding cultural events due to the epidemic situation will be taken into account.


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