Nowadays, Art Gallery Serdica is focused on contemporary art. It has announced itself on the cultural map of Sofia and presents confirmed Bulgarian and foreign artists, as well as, young authors who are concerned with different actual problems in contemporary art.

Leading for Art Gallery Serdica are the development and change. Through the prism of art different cultural subjects are addressed and through the events and conferences, which are organized, there arises a possibility for cultural discussions and debates. Art Gallery Serdica is an open cultural space in which everybody has got the opportunity to present their creativity. A place of unity and security is built, in which art excites and people have impact. They look ahead at the future, by tracing the fast pace of change and development.

Art Gallery Serdica is founded in 2014. It is situated in the renewed area of Zhenski Pazar Market. In the first years, the gallery is related to the names of Atanas Mihov, Dechko Uzunov, Atanas Yaranov, Dimitar Kazakov – Nero, Svetli Rusev, Liliana Ruseva, Mario Zhekov, Ivan Georgiev – the Rembrandt, Alexander Mutafov, Eliezer Alsheh, Boris Denev, Vera Nedkova, Genko Genkov, Petar Brakov, Rumen Gasharov, Arshak Nersisyan, Nadia Stancheva, Nikola Enev, Desi Deneva, Mariana Marianova, Selma Todorova, Ivan Dodov, Ivan Kanev and many others.

On its way of development through the years Art Gallery Serdica is confirmed as a cultural space where people of different artistic interests meet each other.

Art Gallery Serdica is owned by the communal association “Pazari Vazrazhdane.”


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