DA Fest[7]

|From the 22nd to the 26th of October, 2019 Art Gallery Serdica presents an exhibition, which is part of the 7th edition of the International Festival of Digital Arts DA Fest, organized by the National Art Academy and Foundation DA Lab. Curators are Venelin Shurelov and Galina Dimitrova-Dimova.

The program of the festival gathers together elite creators from the international art scene and young authors. Many of the foreign participants visit Bulgaria for the first time, which gives an unique chance for the audience to meet their art face to face.

In Art Gallery Serdica will be represented the artists Anna Vasoff (Czech Republic/Austria), Georgi Georgiev (Bulgaria/Germany) and Maksimilian Pramatarov (Bulgaria/Austria). Their works “Kinetic Objects,” the objects and video of Anna Vasoff, the installation “Audiovisual representation of data from coastal cities” of Georgi Georgiev and “Grisailley,” the video installation and objects of Maksimilian Pramatarov can be seen until the 26th of October, 2019.

Anna Vasof 

Kinetic Object  (2019)
Jump, The Graph of a Fanction, Time Vibrations

Videos: Things and Wonders 2022 and Things and Wonders 2227

Films 4min. and 6 min. long

Things and Wonders is a series of short films which deal with everyday things familiar to everyone: brooms, shoes, wipers, harmonicas etc., used in a way that is far removed from their ordinary designation. The artist constructs absurd and impractical situations from them so that familiar objects alter their original functional purpose to small wonders. In that way the element of the unexpected is added to everyday objects that dispatch us from reality, allowing us to see the world in a new perspective.

Georgi Georgiev

Audiovisual representation of the comparison data of coastal towns, installation

An audiovisual representation of the comparison data of coastal towns creates a separate reality, bringing faraway places together based on their proximity to the world ocean. The piece draws inspiration from Samuel Beckett’s «Krapp’s Last Tape.» Interviews of people of various ages, residing in towns situated along the Black Sea and the North Sea coasts, are the basis of the installation. Interviewees of different ages represent the towns of Shabla and North Berwick. Each age — e.g. 10, 38, 77 — has its own unique spokesperson, who responds to only one question: how was the past year for you? The indefinite nature of the question encourages interpretation on the part of the interviewee, constructing a literary image of the participating locality.

Maximilian Pramatarov

Grisailley, video installation and objectsGrisaille is mixed media work that deals with naive mixing of colours and our perception.
One part is a double layered video projection – one layer (channel) is black and white footage of blooming spring plants. The second layer (channel) is footage of handheld primary colour filters. The second part is a sculptural palette circle created by cheap soft-drinks.

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