Gravitational Thrust

Art Gallery Serdica presents the Gravitational Thrust exhibition, the latest oil painting and drawing works by Delia Chausheva, which will be held from September 16 to October 17, 2020 in the art space of Zhenski Pazar Market.

In Art Gallery Serdica, the audience will be able to see large format oil paintings, pastel and charcoal paintings, which reveal to the audience an unsuspected world of abstract shapes and enigmatic spaces, created by the artist and inspired by the wonders of the Universe, which Delia Chausheva chooses to call “Gravitational thrust”. The series of drawings is entitled “Traveling in the shadows”.

Delia Chausheva has been working in the field of abstract painting for many years, building her own recognizable and sustainable style over time. Her art education is marked by two important names in Polish art. She graduated in Painting under the supervision of Prof. Jerzy Nowosielski at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, with as a second major in Graphics under the supervision of Professors Weimann and Bush. This determined her specific and more cosmopolitan attitude to the problems of abstract painting, as well as their visual realization. Delia Chausheva has many exhibitions in the country and abroad, she has won national and international awards.

“Abstract painting is considered one of the purest forms of expression, since it allows the artist to perform visual communication freely, without being limited by the shapes, which exist in the objective reality. This very freedom of communication, not mediated by the determination of visible images, is exactly what Delia Chausheva offers us. Through her paintings, she shares with us her worldview, or better – her illusion about Life and the Universe – an infinite cycle of dust particles and giants, which gets cut down by the sudden happening, such as the gravitational thrust, which completely changes the existence of a Comet. Exactly that moment of conflict, of coming out of the banal and monotonous, of the sudden blow that abruptly disrupts the daily routine and completely changes life, is what the author is interested in, and she recreates it through her distinctive means of expression. The smooth, monochromic canvas is permeated by spatial structures, resembling shattered glass or broken ice mass, but rather presented in saturated, vivid and arousing color combinations – red, violet, green, blue, than being transparent. The light, transparent, smoothly applied hues are in conflict with the intense accents or dark shapes accomplished by layering of the oil paint. The compositional decisions are unexpected and provocative, they flip the space upside down, and they experiment with our senses by making us seeking for unusual solutions for their perception and reasoning”, says the art critic PhD Stefania Yanakieva about the author.

For her art with charcoal, Delia Chausheva shares that this is her passion. “It is a strong material, mystical… and to master it you need a great routine. My latest paintings reflect emotion, an irresistible dream. In some of them you may see a very well-mastered technique, while others seem at first glance as a quick sketch. This however is not so. There is also a long process of reflection and experimentation behind these works, but the impression of spontaneity prevails. Drawing with charcoal and black pastel unlocks in me emotions that come out on their own on the paper. It is as if this material was created for me and I have no idea where that thin line lies between painting and graphics”.

The artist uses the traditional painting material – oil, to create compositions in which the graphic principle is leading. According to PhD Stefania Yanakieva, what makes Delia Chausheva’s works so influential and memorable is their main quality“…they manage to open the door of our imagination, giving us the freedom to perceive and interpret them according to our own individuality and sensitivity. They succeed in unlocking our imagination and awakening our desire to see new unknown worlds, as well as in looking at our familiar world in a new, different way.”

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