From February 23 to March 18, 2022, Art Gallery Serdica presented “INTIMATE WORLDS” – the fifth solo exhibition by Mihaela Zoeva. The exhibition includes new and so far unseen works – extremely personal, intimate and not subject to censorship. They were painted spontaneously, in moments of strong personal experiences, says Michaela.

The artistic expression in the works is direct, with no pretensions, with no embellishment and with the only, sometimes painful, need for intimate communication with the “subconscious” and its reflection in the real world. In its exquisite synthesis and minimalism, Mihaela Zoeva’s paintings are reminiscent of a short story, masterfully written through the language of drawing, which no doubt we all instinctively understand without the need for translation or explanation.

“I like to paint a naked body using different techniques – acrylic, charcoal, pastel, ink and varnish on different papers and wooden pads. The naked body is magnetic. The beauty, eroticism and aesthetics of the clean forms of the figures express my intimate inner world”, she said and added that she was inspired by the old masters and tried to get closer to the lightness of their creative vigour.

“I like to go back to old times, observe the details in the clothing and aesthetics of the people of the past,” she admitted. Michaela’s works are the embodiment of the emotions that people experience in all aspects of their lives. “They often start autobiographically, but the ideas behind each work quickly become universal,” she said.


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