Art Gallery Serdica is in the center of old Sofia and connects the past with the present, by peeping into the future. It is situated at the Zhenski Pazar Market, which is the capital’s oldest market. It is created in the end of XIX century in the heart of Sofia’s historical center. Today the Zhenski Pazar Market is colorful and variegated, often visited by the citizens and the guests of the capital. The market is a curious touristic destination, because of its history and eclectics. About 500 people a day choose Zhenski Pazar Market as part of their tour of our capital.

The zone around the 140-year-old market space is characterized by great cultural and religious diversity. Near the gallery, meters from each other are situated the four temples – temple “St. Nedelya,” the catholic cathedral “St. Joseph,” Sofia’s Synagogue and the mosque “Banya Bashi,” forming the so called “Quadrilateral of Religious Tolerance.” The zone unites different values and claims equality among people, which confirms the Europena image of our capital.




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