Multimedia Site-Specific Installation

Greed, fear, expectations and circumstances are the factors determining the overall market psychology. The emotional components of an investor’s decision-making process help explain why some decisions seem more rational than others and why others are perceived as such, regardless of the risk they pose and their questionable moral value.

The “Marketspace” is a multimedia site-specific installation that interprets the theme of transition from marketplace to marketspace. With the advent of digital technologies, the classical form of commodity exchange or the actual market is being completely replaced by virtual forms of exchange.

The project interprets the results of a creative research of the economic collapses, conspiracy theories and crowd psychology, inspired by historical events and modern high technology such as alternative currencies and the implementation of artificial intelligence in marketing strategies.

The installation is multi-component and is located throughout the gallery space. It consists of several elements – video, two groups of textile compositions, a sculptural intervention located in the center of the gallery on a lighted column and a waterfall of information from copy paper and reflective elements.

Its elements interpret the theme of hybridization of the market formally and abstractly, drawing the visitor’s attention to hidden details. Combining and alternating real concepts (things) with fictitious ones (for example Bitcoin with the (currently) fictitious Tulip Chain) creates an atmosphere of an alternative, however not impossible reality.

Elizabeth Thallauer


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