The New Faces on the Zhenski Pazar Market

An art exhibition of students, from the BA “Photography” of New Bulgarian University: Alexandra Argirova, Diliyana Hristova, Ivan Alexandrov, Kristian Kanchev, Malina Panayotova, Mihael Mladenov, Mihail Mihaylov, Nikolay Ivanov, Tsvetozar Tsanev, Yana Todorova.

Curators: Prof. Liudmil Hristov and PhD Lilyana Karadzhova

Art Gallery Serdica

6th of June – 4th of July, opening: 6th of June, Thursday, 7:00 PM

The project is realized with the support of the Capital’s Municipality and “Markets Vazrazhdane”

The New Faces on the Zhenski Pazar Market create a picturesque image of the most vital place, which has preserved the culture of old Sofia. Except for their colors, the shops and the stalls provoke liking with the bright emotions and the expressions of the people who work behind them. The young authors from the Bachelor’s curriculum “Photography” of New Bulgarian University study the merchants carefully. The portraits catch them in a complex, rich in details environment, but focus attention on their faces. Sometimes the personality is revealed in open communication, seen from the front, and sometimes it is implied with a look from the side.

In the history of photography, the trading man conceives one of the first and most resistant forms of genre syncretism. In the end of XIX century Louis Vert, Paul Genau and Eugene Atget photograph the street profession and the merchants in Paris. Nowadays their portraits in the documental series Les petits Metiers (Little crafts) open a fan of already nonexistent professions. That is done by tens of photographers around Europe. The photos from the Zhenski Pazar Market shot in the years between World War II are priceless documents for the culture in old Sofia and the place that was once called “The Grain’s Market.”

The exhibition “The New Faces from the Zhenski Pazar Market” showed contemporary photographic icons of trade, and the goods and products are considered with curiosity for the skills of the concrete pesonality. The producers sell food raised with their own hands, the tradesmen have gathered the best of the harvest and instruments with fine familiarity that have been crafted with the skills of ancestral masters.

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