Between Me and Myself


“Free movement“ is a project dedicated to movement, as a proof that things do exist. For me, movement represents the changes in soul forces and mechanisms, the personal game that I can call the game between Me and Myself. In the oscillation between Me and Myself, I find a dynamic balance. A game passing through the entanglement in the contradiction leading to the whole, where the inner movement of the personality takes place.

According to Einstein and his theory of duality of light, every particle can be described as either a particle or a wave – two contradictory pictures of reality, neither of which individually fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do. I associate the dual nature of light with human thought and psyche. Being a part of nature, I am excited about our inability to fully describe ourselves in the behavior and aspects of nature that predispose us to constant change. Looking inside, I notice that the game and conflict inside me strives to preserve the unity, as a path to true originality. I am able to determine the color and fragrance from my sense of Me and Myself. My pursuit of a better Me is like the fragrance and color in nature after a rain. Me is my pure thought after the fierce battle with Myself – a function of the soul. Their never ending mutual opposition within the personality gives me the necessary light to better explain what is happening. Significant and dual light, which helps me see all images and colors, and appears in the harmony of the individual and yet inseparable Me and Myself.

The exhibition deals with the understanding of the internal contradictions as a stimulus to creation. I am looking for the inner movement and dynamics of the moment captured. I am interested in the synthesis of materials, finding painting and photography in symbiosis. The structure of watercolor allows me to express a sense of connectedness and indivisibility, and the photographic experiment and limitation of color in the cyanotype nature make me search for color in the visible spectrum.

The project is implemented with the financial support of “Culture” National Fund.

Julia Hicheva

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