Art Gallery Serdica in Sofia presents “NO TITLE” – an exhibition of paintings by Vladko Balev. The exhibition aims to provoke visitors and suggest that art, through paintings, does not need an explanation, concept, or story. Everyone can discover something of their own without being forced to think, get the idea or view, the author believes and adds that unfortunately the times in which we live try to impose a literary explanation, rather than visual and mental perception of art.

“NO TITLE” shows the “things” going away in the real world and the new world coming, hollow and meaningless.

In this exhibition, the painting is still made with a brush, not a mouse!

The paintings of Vladko Balev, which are arranged in Art Gallery Serdica in Sofia are canvases different in size, in a square shape filled with the technique of acrylic painting.

It is all over!

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