“Self-portrait” is my first solo exhibition and it features parts of my eight years of work in the field of photography. The project has been financed by the National Culture Fund program “Debuts”, section “Visual and digital arts”. In it I combine photographs, a painting and a sculpture. The project is being presented as an exhibition in Sofia, Petrich and Plovdiv. As part of the project there is a published photobook called “Self-Portrait”.

The photographs show the path that I’ve walked and the path I am walking. A path of emotions and feelings erupting from my fears, strivings and dreams. They are an attempt to capture an instant of harmony or entropy of the chaos of time. The name “Self-Portrait” is a metaphor with which I show that everything I do is a reflection of myself and my most intimate values.

In the exhibition, I delve into several topics with an emphasis on humanity, nature, freedom and love. I presented them in depth and detail with Love being of the utmost importance to me – the highest ideal, the ultimate goal and a utopia. It is in the core of everything we construct. A person – is confused, seeking themselves, somewhere there in time and space. This person is a representation of myself, through it I show myself and eveyone of us. Nature – I present both at large and at a micro scale, as our home and as a particle that we can utilize. In this theme I reveal our shared connection with nature and the modern world. The individual “genuine self-portraits” remind us that being human is being a body, a body through which we process sensations and feelings confided deep inside of us. I have also included photographs inspired by impressionism. They resonate with my aspirations and dreams. They show the light in my inner struggles in an attempt to underline the concept of the project:

Everything we do is a reflection of ourselves. – our Self-Portrait

Emi Kurtova


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