Who becomes a shaman?

Someone who is not afraid to cross the threshold of other worlds and seek answers to his questions. Multi-layered person – healer, warrior, leader, sage and prophet. The shaman skillfully balances on the thin line between the known and unknown, between order and chaos, between the conventional and the reality as it really is, always new and sparkling like a drop of dew, illuminated by a ray of sunshine.

In the past

shamans were creators and creators were shamans. Today we think that this connection is lost, but is it really so? Colors and sounds continue to have impact, they heal and inspire. What is missing is more awareness, what is in excess – too much interpretation.

By this exhibition

Ventzislav Dikov rediscovers the mystical role of the artist, who transforms our perceptions through sound and image. He explores the connection of the primary and sacred past with the present. The need of the modern urban man to come across the inexplicable. The painting as a magical act of impact on reality. The primary untamed force of colors, vibrations and shapes. The process of creation as a magical act, a ritual. Sounds, tones, timbres, nuances, musical fragments are connected in countless ways with the colors and images in the paintings: animals of power, people in all sorts of colors, dreams, boats traveling between worlds. Mind is oversaturated: interpretation stops. The creative is unlocked, there is an influx of creative ideas. The visitor of this exhibition becomes a co-author, an artist.

Ventzislav Dikov unifies his both worlds.

“I paint in a figurative and abstract style. The states of mind and the vast universe of the subconscious are an inexhaustible source for my creative laboratory. I explore the state in which the mind empowers the body to create, inviting objects of obscure purpose inhabiting the subconscious to come to the fore”, Ventzislav Dikov says, adding, “The connection between man and object may be as deep as the connection between man and man, even deeper. Without verbal communication, only the essence remains – the man who feels and reflects. The object does not need to have a specific function to attract the attention of the observer, quite the opposite – the lack of a clear purpose triggers curiosity. Curiosity creates a connection. Paintings have no meaning and purpose in themselves. The meaning comes when the connection is established”.

“Ventzislav Dikov’s style is versatile, both figurative and abstract. The graphical aspect is also present in his work. I am impressed by the line of the drawing of the individual characters. The compositions are characterized by a rich variety of geometric and not so standard, eccentric shapes. In addition, the artist’s style stands out with an elegant, precise to perfection, graphical line. The combination of these elements draws the audience into the original, emotionally saturated universe of the artist, where each of us subconsciously travels to other, undiscovered worlds”, Jerry Delfos says, the founder of the Spaces Gallery, Brussels and President of the “Gilded Door” Cultural and Creative Society in Brussels.

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