Slaves of time

Art Gallery Serdica presents Maya Ivanova’s debut exhibition Slaves of time, drawings and etchings. Even though Maya Ivanova is only 23 years old, she already has significant artistic achievements such as her participation in the Christmas exhibition 101 drawings in Art Gallery Serdica, which brought students from the National academy of art and established artists together and the interest towards Maya’s art was proof of her talent. This is the primary reason for Art Gallery Serdica, which has already established its place in Sofia’s art elite as a gallery for contemporary art, to support Maya Ivanova and to curate her first exhibition.

Maya Ivanova completed her bachelor’s degree in printmaking a few months ago and at the moment she is enrolled in the master’s degree program Illustration (National academy of arts).

The linear march of time has always been a topic lingering in the artist’s mind since her early childhood. She enjoyed observing the way people change both physically and mentally. In the exhibition Slaves of time you will find repetitive symbolism related to time, magical places and mysterious characters, which she uses to express her inner world.

The exhibition Slaves of time consists of drawings and dry point etchings. The artworks have been made in the last few years. Maya Ivanova has a profound and consistent interest in the genre drawing as she uses mainly the softness of the charcoal and graphite to create her portraits and figures. Maya’s viewpoint on the Slaves of time printmaking cycle’s concept is: They are a good occasion to consider the “photo film of life” and how the transience of the moments makes them extremely beautiful, how each and every drop from the sand clock matters. The prints are dry point etchings. The artist chose this technique due to its ability to recreate the soft lines and textures of her pencil drawings. Maya Ivanova works with old classical techniques, mastered and developed through the years, introduces personal topics and stories, presented in a beautiful and sophisticated manner to the public.

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