Art Gallery Serdica presents PHOTONS IN COLOR, a different exhibition, a symbiosis between two worlds for aspiration, for peace and comfort with hints of mystery from parallel reality. From May 26 to June 17, 2022 paintings by Sylvana Todorova and unique lighting installations by Ivo Todorov will be arranged in Art Gallery Serdica. She has a master’s degree in business administration, and he graduated from the Technical University, but they both think that … everything around us is math and… photons in color.

PHOTONS IN COLOR is the exposition, where the man is the common and the woman is the private and somewhere there … the energy exchange between people takes place.

Lighting installations are unusual, mastered by past times. Collective image of lost worlds. Today they remind us of the photons that were born millions of years ago and the reflection of colors on the way to us. “I have been a connoisseur and collector of old things for more than 30 years, and for me it is a real magic to be able to breathe new life where it has gone out. For me, these are not ordinary lamps, these are real art lighting installations that carry the mystique of the timelessness of time”, Ivo Todorov shares about his works.

The pictorial objects included in PHOTONS IN COLOR are the specifics within the abstract allusion, fragrance of happiness, sometimes of even greater happiness and always a sense of magic. For Sylvana Todorova, painting is inspiring, among colors, scents and sensations. “It’s always mysterious and enchanting. I want so much to share it, to infect with my desire for elegance and purity, to be awakened for beauty, to feel scattered on the ground”, she says, adding that she paints to preserve her memories of what she sees and feels.

The paintings by Sylvana Todorova, which will be displayed in Art Gallery Serdica, are different in size canvases and are filled with the technique of acrylic painting.


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